Rum Committee – Committee is Boss (Mixtape Review)

While they put the finishing touches to their long-awaited debut titled Booze Town, Brighton-based Rum Committee have compiled a 32-track mixtape prelude to whet their fans’ appetites . A nine strong crew of producers, rappers and DJs, Rum Com are something of an institution in the spirited Brighton hip-hop scene — and their latest release is proof of how prolific the crew are in making music . With 32 varied and voluble tracks for just £3, there’s really no excuse not to cop this mixtape if you’re a UK hip-hop head; especially if you share the crew’s penchant for nihilism, sexual degeneracy and reckless alcoholism.

Debauched, desultory and downright despicable,  Committee is Boss might just be THE ideal soundtrack to a boozy night out, complete with a punch-up in the kebab shop and followed by a one-night stand with a ropey sket. Unashamed and unbridled— but endlessly fluid with it — Rum Com’s explicit lyrical content is also sustained by some pretty dope and accomplished production: DJ Choice does an especially good job of mixing it all, while Gi3MO, Ruff Snippit and Scizzahz really stand out with their beatmaking skills; bass-heavy beats with eclectic sample blends are played off against heavy dubstep beats to give a raw, but comical vibe.

Though the mixtape’s concepts and themes are hardly novel — and occasionally being a bit too full-on with the whole booze concept — the manic and boozed-up Gi3MO, TC Johnston, Prince Kong and Captain Bukioe lay their souls bare without ever falling into the obvious age-old traps of making pointless conscious tracks, telling cringeworthy love tales, or merely rapping for rapping’s sake. It’s in the emcees’ flows, rhythm-shifting speech patterns and intricate rhyme schemes where the crew’s talent really shines.

In essence, Rum Committee provide conclusive proof that rap and rum go together as well as fried chicken with mac and cheese. If you can spare a few quid, then for God’s sake buy this friggin’ awesome mixtape!


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  1. maksud28 said:

    Brilliant, just what I needed to know, thank you!


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