Innuendo – It’s All Love (feat. MR2Grime) (Single Review)

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Often jokingly referred to by his battle rap opponents as a clone of fellow Scouse emcee Oshea, Innuendo (real name Michael Williams) is a proud representative of the city of Liverpool, both in the UK scene and for the benefit of hip-hop in general. After a brief period spent living in Sheffield back in 2008, Innuendo cited his Merseyside homecoming in an interview with MURTV as one of the best decisions he had ever made. Indeed, his online presence — boosted by his numerous Don’t Flop appearances — has helped elevate Scouse hip-hop to a higher status than ever before. However, wary of becoming burdened with the term “battle rapper”, Innuendo shows a decidedly mellower side to his personality in his new single “It’s All Love” featuring highly-rated Liverpool rapper MR2Grime, and produced by the prodigiously talented 17-year old Manchester beatsmith and MC, Blizzard.

With its blissed-out summer vibes and laid-back lyrical content, Innuendo’s new single is a refreshing antidote to all the crude mum jokes and the abrasive battle persona he has been forced to adopt as a means of making headway in the battling arena. Enhanced by some nice visuals courtesy of Billie Deen Owen (in a video which also features Oshea, Sprungy and honorary Scouser Ro Jista)  “It’s All Love” is a promising blueprint for Innuendo’s change of direction and, as ever, let’s hope he keeps representing his city to the fullest for many more years to come.

Debut music video by Innuendo for “It’s All Love” – Written and performed by Innuendo and MR2Grime – Produced by Blizzard – Arranged by Innuendo – Recorded at Sleepless Studios, Liverpool by MC SAS – Mixed by MC SAS and Ro Jista – Filmed and directed by Billie Deen Owen. Edited and arranged by BDO Media and Urban Nomadic. Innuendo Music. All rights reserved 2011.

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