Verbal Contact – Déteste MV (A Brown Bread Films Production)

Leeds hip-hop crew Verbal Contact (MC’s Matter and Prys) have released a very innovative and high-quality music video/ short film to promote their latest single Déteste’. With some silky smooth steadicam visuals courtesy of Leeds-based production company Brown Bread Films, the video for Déteste is as dark, nihilistic and misanthropic as its subject matter. Basically it’s a full-on tirade against things the two emcees find especially aggravating in their lives — this includes the scourge of posh student types in their hometown, tightfisted landlords, manipulative women and of course, Donny Tourette. The production on this consists of some seriously badass low frequency, bass-heavy warbling courtesy of Sasquatch (noted for his work with Foreign Beggars) as well as some dope beatboxing by Sholto adding to the sonic richness.  Stylistically it’s a deviation from the crew’s traditional UK hip-hop style, especially to that of their Literary Vices EP released back in ’09. Incidentally, if you haven’t heard their earlier stuff I suggest you start with the impressive ‘Tourist Information‘ featuring the sublime vocal work of Chenai.

Be sure to watch out for more from this crew — their stuff is genuinely unique and inventive.

Download the track for free @

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  1. Thomas said:

    Thanks for you kind words, glad you liked the video.


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