Dick Limerick Academy – Nob’eads (Prod. Ro Jista)

Liverpool-based “git-hop” collective Dick Limerick Academy have put out a video for ‘Nob’eads’ courtesy of Flasheart Films. A track featured on their 2010 album ‘Merseycide‘, ‘Nob’eads’ basically makes a light-hearted mockery of chav culture by parodying the type of malcontent, anti-social youths (known locally as ‘scallies’) that have become such a bane on urban areas like Liverpool.

Enhancing their authentic portrayal of chav culture, the D.L.A. members themselves pose in the video as greasy, tracksuit-laden youths loitering outside the local off-license, shouting profanities at passers-by and ingesting excessive amounts of stolen prescription drugs. Indeed, seeing Oshea and Rikky Riley dressed head-to-toe in Adidas sports gear is side-splittingly hilarious in itself and makes the video worth watching on that basis alone.

With its playful theme and its brassy, medium-tempo instrumental courtesy of Ro Jista, Nob’eads is a dead catchy tune that’s sure to have you laughing hysterically.

What’s more, DLA have made both their albums — including ‘Merseycide’ from which ‘Nob’eads’ is taken — available for free download. Generous chaps, aren’t they?



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