Psychosis Holochaust – 100 Hit Combo Collection

Prison Planet Records founder, emcee and battler Psychosis Holochaust may have made a name himself in the hip-hop scene, but the Sheffield spitter (who’s also a budding filmmaker and special effects artist) started out in early 2009 as a grime/bassline artist with Toxic Defence Force and long-time producer Dr. Calpol. This latest EP revisits PH’s musical roots with it’s combination of gnarly bassline instrumentals and a gritty grime aesthetic; it also just goes to show how versatile and adaptable an emcee he is. Indeed, he’s come along way since the days of Toxic Defence Force and has evidently benefited from a hip-hop education as he combines those relenteless grime flows of his with internal rhyme aggressiveness and punchline-heavy lyricism honed by battling and cyphering. He’s achieved some feat in successfully managing to reconcile the differences between grime and hip-hop, and this definitely adds a distinctive element to his spitting which, in my opinion, is among the most devastating rap style combinations in the UK today. 100 Hit Combo is shot through such furious lyrical intensity that it can be quite knackering – but in small doses, it’s utterly compelling and echoes the mind-state of the fiercely determined author.

The EP features a collaboration remix featuring Shinobi, Milks and Nate (all grime representatives out of Sheffield) and various bassline remixes by Dr. Calpol, in addition to the original 100 Hit Combo single (released via a promo video earlier this year). Production is by Titch of BOK Studio Sheffield who does an excellent job of not swamping the vocals with overly prominent synths and basslines, and displays obvious shades of Ghetts ‘Artillery’ (easily one of the best grime tracks of 2010).

One of the most razor-sharp additions to the Sheffield urban music scene, PH continues to make waves with his potent brand of independent music which gives an emphatic two-finger salute to the current trend of mainstream p-hop. As he puts it: “If Chipmunk’s big enough to win an award/ Then why is Jehst delivering post?”


Psychosis Holochaust – 100 Hit Combo


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