Interview: Lunar C

"It's West Yorkshire, BITCH!"

Despite being a relative newcomer to the Don’t Flop rap battle movement, Sinoptic Music affiliate and West Yorkshire representative Lunar C is fast becoming its most popular competitor. With a string of superb performances under his belt, in which he displays a real knack for degrading opponents, Lunar has endeared himself to audiences with his mix of plain speaking, blithe humour and confident rapping ability. Recently garnering attention and praise from such celebrities as grime heavyweight JME and 20-year old entrepreneur and founder of SB.TV, Jamal Edwards, the aggy Bradford rhymesmith is on a surefire route to success. What follows is a brief interview with the guy before he becomes so famous I might have to circumnavigate publicists to even reach him again by email.

TC: For those who might not know you, sum yourself up in a sentence.

LC: I am your favourite person!

TC: It’s a bit of a stock interview question, but what inspired you to a) get into hip-hop, and b) start making music?

LC: I’ve always loved hip hop since I can remember. My dad brought me up on all kinds of music, but he played Wu Tang Clan and Cypress Hill a lot which was when I started to get the bug!! I started recording at a youth club called ‘Mapa’ which was linked to a course I had to do when I was 15 after I was kicked out of school. I was the cool dude who ran it since I was like eight and used to go there, so studio was free to me but I only wanted to record when I went on the course and had to fill my time. When I was 8 me and my brothers did a rap song there called ‘Kick Buttickah!’. Big up Jerry Crawford.

TC: Which artists are you feeling at the moment?

LC: Current hip hop artists I’m liking at the moment are Joel Ortiz, Yelawolf, PacDiv, Wretch 32, FlameGriller, Jack Flash, Matter, RumCom, Wizard, Defenders Of Style…. And loads more I can’t even think of.

TC: You represent Leeds/Bradford label/collective Sinoptic Music. Tell us a bit about the movement and the sort of music it produces.

We’re all pretty different as individual artists, but what unites us is our passion to make ill hip-hop! Check my crew FlyTippers, Minas, Phoenix, ExP, JND, Hash Finger, Flame Griller, Illuzual and Addverse! We’ve got a free bi-monthly EP available, too. Check out

TC: What’s the hip-hop scene like up in Leeds and Bradford?

LC: It’s better in Leeds than it is in Bradford, but as a whole it’s still pretty small and not doing an awful lot to be honest. West Yorkshire as a whole though is a dope scene with lots of dope artists who are recently coming together and making things happen! Shouts to the local hip-hop and open-mic night, Beats ‘n’ Pieces.

TC: As I said in the preamble bit, your rapid ascent through the Don’t Flop ranks has been quite phenomenal. What are your future plans for battling? Do you have any opponents in mind? Top-tier ones perhaps? 

LC: To be honest, no. I haven’t really planned anything with battling at all, but I know Eurgh and Cruger are talking about a lot of ideas at the moment which are hopefully going to make Don’t Flop a lot bigger and better than it’s already getting. Personally I’m just taking it as it comes and trying to stay on my toes. Battling is good fun and good for promotion, and I recommend it to any unknown MC trying trying to raise they’re profile (unless they’re the sort of wet pussy that rhymes ‘lyrical’ with ‘miracle’). Shouts to Don’t Flop!

TC: Do you ever fear that by becoming famous as a battle emcee and by being labelled as a “battle rapper”, your musical talents might get overlooked?

LC: I have done a little bit because the hype from my battles has happened so fast and people presume battlers are shit on beats; however I’ve been rapping since I was 15 and started battling only a few months ago. I know music is my forte — my next Solo project will prove that!

TC: You recently collaborated with Don’t Flop teammate and fellow West Yorkshire emcee, Matter, on an absolute banger of track called “Ip Op”. How did that project come about?

LC: Me and Matter had been talking about doing a track for a while and he got the beat from Wizard. We both then got in the studio and slapped each other in the face till the verses were popping!

TC: Many of us will now have seen your SB.TV video in which you spit a frenzy of battle bars to a hopeless dope dealer. How did the appearance come about, and who came up with the original battle rap concept?

LC: Jamal Edwards hit me up on Twitter and said, “Let’s make a video!”. This was crazy because I’d been wanting to get on SB.TV for a while, but I hadn’t the pluck to ask coz I’m a vagina with whiskers. Jamal is the coolest guy you’ll meet. Big up him and SB.TV!

TC: Aside from the battle scene, what are up to musically these days? Any future releases we should look out for?

LC:Yes. Me and my crew Fly Tippers will be bringing out an EP very soon. I’m also getting beats together for a solo project which I don’t have any plans for other than it will be your new religion!

TC: And finally, where can people best follow you, stalk you or just look you up?

LC: Follow me on Twitter @lunarfuckingc, but don’t tweet me asking when my new battle is out coz I don’t upload them!! Haha, BUH!

Sinoptic Music
Lunar C Bandcamp


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