Three Kings High – Tell Em Lies (video)

Taking a leap out of their underground hip-hop pigeonhole for a moment, Dialect’s Chattabox and South West native Samuel Otis front a 6-piece indie band called Three Kings High. Though essentially rooted in hip-hop, the Bristol-honed band with its melting pot of regional British influences, is characterized by resolutely catchy indie choruses, funk melodies, and drum ‘n bass cadences. Eclectic, though not earth-shattering in scope, the band is sure to liven up any venue with its colourful blend of musical styles – forming a sound congenial to crowds perhaps less attuned to hardcore breaks-and-beats-style hip-hop.

South Shields-raised Chattabox, AKA Joe Eden displays his deft vocal talents, both as a rapper and as a singer, and stays true to his gritty portrayal of British urban life in his lyrics. Samuel Otis on the other hand aces on guitar, and raps and sings in that distinctively rhotic Bristolian accent of his. Indeed, while the two frontmen may have very different accents and originate from entirely opposite ends of the country, they are very much united by their love of good, soulful music.

Check out their recently released music video for ‘Tell Em Lies’.
Filmed and directed by Brassic Park Films.


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