Beit Nun – A Reintroduction (Official Video)

With the imminent release of Chris Leese’s new solo album ‘Everybody Hates Chris’, as well as a new project from RedEye in the works, it’s been a busy period for independent UK hip-hop label, Innit Records. What’s more, the label’s founder Beit Nun (pronounced bet nun), a proud Maxonian emcee and a true devotee of the underground circuit, has released a new video for the first single from his forthcoming compilation project, Where The Art Is Vol. 2. The song is titled ‘A Reintroduction‘, a track in which he reasserts his well-deserved status in the game and reminds us all why we shouldn’t be sleeping on him. The track is about as organic and straight UK hip-hop as it gets; no frills and no gimmicks here, just an abundance of dope rhymes reinforced by straight Northern candour and the admirable hard-nosed approach of a long-standing UK underground vet. Big up!

Beit Nun’s new project is set to be released on 17th October. In the meantime, be sure to check out more from the Innit Records camp by having a sniff around their Bandcamp page. There’s a bevy of free downloads available, including a recently released 23-track mixtape from DJ Benny E, featuring the likes of Mystro, Syntax and Dirty Dike!


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