Joker Starr – The Place Called Slough Town (video)

A veteran UK rhymer who has worked with the likes of Jehst, Sway, Micall Parknsun, DJ IQ, and Blufoot, Joker Starr is something of a cult hero in the UK underground scene.

Staying true to himself in his music and displaying a highly-developed sense of what it is to be innovative, the British emcee of Sierra Leonean parentage has long been carving out a niche in a largely homogenous UK scene. Boasting an impressive fanbase and a hell of a lot of respect thrown his way in the last decade, he’s also been reaping the rewards of doing it differently.

With a distinctly woozy delivery shot through at times with unexpected bursts of energy, his music can be quite unpredictable – making his lyricism and storytelling utterly compelling to the listener. An emcee humbly devoted to perfecting his craft rather than obsessing over his image, Joker Starr’s chief motivation is to move his audience.

Though not necessarily of a traditional hip-hop ilk, the high-spirited emcee has most recently been immersing himself in the rawest essence of the culture by competing in a string of rap battles . As a student as much as a practitioner of the art-form, he’s been learning and progressing steadily in the battle arena, most recently putting in the performance of his career against N.S.R’s Disciple at Don’t Flop’s North vs. South event in Nottingham.

On the musical side of things, Joker is set to unveil his long awaited solo album “Blood-Ren” in early 2012. A video for his latest album single titled ‘The Place Called Slough Town’ has recently been uploaded to YouTube. Like his previous mixtape release, The Northborough Estate Project, his new single gives you a realistic and good-humoured impression of hood life; this includes chance encounters he has with his ex-girlfriends, ways he keeps his head and avoids petty beef, and more importantly, a few tips on the art of staying and looking fresh! It’s a no-frills, no-budget video courtesy of underground hip-hop promoter New Sound Era, featuring all your favourite Slough landmarks including the local Chicken Cottage, the hood clothing store and the Queensmere shopping centre. Produced by Huddersfield’s Apatight, the track exudes soulful vibes from start to finish. Go check it out!


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