H.L.I. – Omniglyph EP (Preview)

Birmingham-honed, Brixton-based hip-hop outfit H.L.I. represent a small but burgeoning left-field sub-scene within the UK hip-hop spectrum. Influenced by alternative hip-hop acts like Def Jux’s Cannibal Ox, Sensei C and Elai Immortal proffer a refreshingly unique sound characterized, as they put it, by “telescopic rhymes” and “swirling blade beats”.

Musically active since 2004, they’ve rocked countless live sets, in the process opening up for the likes of Wu-Tang’s GZA and experimental rap crew Anti-Pop Consortium. The duo are now to set to release their debut CD titled Omniglyph, an EP containing 6 tracks and 6 remixes.

Set to be their first body of recorded work, the EP, judging by the sample mix at least, promises to be well worth the wait. Featuring strong rhythmic electronic elements in the production and labyrinthine poetics from the emcees, the left-fielders’ complex, iridium-dense style is potent enough to knock you into a semiconscious state. And yes, it really is that intense.

Purchase pre-orders of Omniglyph here: http://www.wefund.com/project/omniglyph


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