Chris Leese – Everybody Hates Chris (single)

A couple days after he’s squared off against London rhymer Im in the Don’t Flop Times Change Final on 19th November, Maxonian funnyman and battle extraordinaire Chris Leese will unveil his much-anticipated new album ‘Everybody Hates Chris’.

Currently on a busy promo offensive, the Innit Records frontman and Four Max member has made his eponymous single off the album available for purchase.

With a catchy walking bassline courtesy of Naïve and with geeky rap critic Dan Bull acing the chorus, it’s a one of those songs that’ll stick in your head for weeks. Released as a video positively fleshed out with semi-clad hoes, dildos and a whole bunch of other vulgar crap, the song is about as brazen and as hilariously offensive as a man vilified even by his closest friends, as a fat, obnoxious, cider-swilling misogynist.

Notwithstanding its outlandish single, the album itself promises to bear more varied and conceptual themes, and on paper at least, looks really solid — with production from the likes of Wizard, Baron Samedi, Jut, and Chris Leese himself, as well as an impressive featuring from the similarly sex, drugs and booze-drenched Louis Logic, an underground vet out of Brooklyn, NY.

Listeners sensitive to vulgarity and depraved subject matter need not apply, but if you’re a serious UK hip-hop fan, then be sure and keep an eye out for it.

Until then, just feast your eyes on this:

Buy the ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ the single on Amazon.

Pre-order ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ the digital album on Amazon.

Or, pre-order a physical copy @

Follow Chris @chrissyleese

Like Chris on Facebook.

Check out details of his upcoming battle at Don’t Flop’s flagship ‘Blood in the Water’ event in London.


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