For those who don’t know, FUR are at the forefront of the new and burgeoning Soul Rub scene. The fresh-faced London band strikes a balance of funk-percussion and Roots-style hip-hop, with a deft blending of West African Mbalax rhythms, ethio-jazz and dub-styles whilst they staying true to the essence of the old-school; delivering fun, upbeat vibes and also creating something new and fresh in the process.

In fact, they produce the sort of music I love writing about; original, tasteful output with outreach to a much broader audience. Indeed, their sound aims to transcend the monolithic entity of UK hip-hop by bridging traditional and modern musical styles from all over the globe whilst providing the listener with an essentially good natured, De La Soul-era groove to vibe and dance to.

The band’s latest video for ‘Ethio’, a track taken from their latest E.P., is a markedly laid-back and mellow affair which cedes to its beautiful jazz instrumentation, clever, playful lyrics and some seriously nice drumming. Go check it out.

Purchase their latest E.P. here:


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